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Great wine doesn't have to cost $100 a bottle.

Pied à Terre is the realization of my dream and the culmination of 20 years of experience as a professional wine buyer in New York City. I found it nearly impossible to buy an affordable, high quality Cabernet from California. While there were, and still are, a lot of inexpensive wines from California on the market, I found it difficult to find high-quality, soulful and truly balanced ones. Pied à Terre was created to fill that void. After all, great wine doesn't have to cost $100 per bottle.

Pied à Terre literally means "foot to earth." I feel that the farmer's footprint is the best fertilizer and the most important sight in a vineyard. When the land is well-trodden, the vine will be well-tended, the details not overlooked. I'm fortunate to be working with Clay Mauritson, who has been making wine for 18 years and shares my ideal that great wine starts in the vineyard.

Pied a Terre literally means "foot to earth." I feel that the farmer's
  footprint is the best fertilizer and the most important sight
    in a vineyard.

I chose the name Pied à Terre because Clay and I sweat the details. It is our belief that great wine only comes from great grapes, so we farm the healthiest, most balanced grapes. We also believe in minimal intervention so, in the cellar, we strive to make the cleanest, most delicious wine - enjoyable but not manipulated. Along the way, we never lose sight of the fact that the wine MUST be affordable.

It is not a path easily traveled. I am not producing Pied à Terre for financial gain. Rather, I am doing so because nothing is more satisfying than introducing wine lovers to a great bottle of wine, and one that is also very reasonably priced. This is both my vocation as a wine buyer and my avocation as a wine lover.

Many people make similar claims--I act on them. For example, the 2011 vintage yielded grapes that didn't meet my standards so I passed on the vintage entirely; I didn't make a single bottle of wine. The wine has to satisfy my high--some say impossible--standards. When it does, like the 2012 vintage, I am confident you will enjoy it.

-- Richard Luftig
  When the land is well--trodden,
the vine will be well--tended,
    the details not overlooked
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