2016 Pied à Terre Cabernet Sauvignon


The 2016 vintage got off to an early start, with budbreak occurring in some areas at the beginning of February. Flowering began about a month later, though rains hindered the development of clusters, making for smaller berries and clusters. Moderate weather prevailed throughout summer. The lack of heat waves kept sugar levels and phenolic maturity increasing at an optimal rate; ripening progressed slowly and predictably. Late August was unusually cool and cloudy which allowed for a few additional weeks of hang time without excessive sugar accumulation. Phenolic maturity was excellent and the yields returned to “normal” for the first time in several years. Berries were firm and had perfectly healthy skins, with concentrated flavors and tannins, and great acidity. The wines will be very pure, with a strong specific vineyard signatures. Music to my ears!

The wine was aged exclusively in French wood, 25 percent of the barrels were new. 25% is a high number for us but we wanted to complement the elevated tannins in the grapes.

Tasting Notes: Aromas of blueberry, black cherry, vanilla, and pencil shavings with a rich, sweet mouthfeel and incredible length. A perfect complement to hearty meat dishes.

3.6/5 (20 Reviews)